We invest in our staff to be well trained in delivering high-quality service to all our clients.

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Memory Chiyangwa
Memory ChiyangwaBSc Social Work

Our Founder & CEO
21 years’ experience working in Health and Social Care. Obtained vast experience and skills working within different health and social care settings and diverse client groups. Years of experience working with older adults with varied diagnosis and health conditions such as Dementia, Mental Health, Parkinson’s Disease, End of Life (Palliative Care), Learning Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Complex Care, etc. Experience in providing care and support in the community (Supporting People in their own homes), Residential Care Homes, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals. Worked with homeless individuals as well as adolescents with mental health issues. Men and women fleeing Domestic Violence

Our Mission

  • To maintain a high quality of care and support.
  • The service we provide to be tailored to individual needs and preferences.

  • To forge and maintain meaningful partnerships with the people we
    support, their families, carers, staff, and other health professionals.

  • To focus on continually improving and developing.
  • To provide well trained, friendly, respectful and compassionate staff.
  • To keep our staff members happy and motivated within their work.
  • To address issues and changes urgently.
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Our Values

We build a responsive and attentive services to our clients.
We are guided by extensive risk assessments to ensure we deliver safe
We have robust polices in place to allow individuals to have a point of
contact to directly address issues and provide a more responsive and
effective service.
The foundations of our service are built on honest, transparent, fair, and
ethical practices in everything we do.
We take great care to always involve our clients, family members, other
healthcare professionals, and staff in our continuous improvement

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Our live-in-care and home care services are tailored to deliver a range of healthcare needs providing basic to personal care at regular intervals of the day.